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       Established in 2002, Yitong is located at Pujiang County in Jinhua, which is in the Yangtze River Delta—Midwest of Zhejiang. It is a few kilometers away from the Hangjinqu Highway, and 10 minutes’ drive from Yiwu International Trade City, enjoying superior location with convenient transportation.

       Yitong is equipped with the most advanced plastic sheet production line in the country, having introduced in foreign advanced technology, specializing in the production of PP, HIPS permanent anti-static, conductive sheet and PS black carrier, PS transparent carrier, ABS carrier and PC carrier, carbon-free conductivity Sheet, TPE rubber sheet, PET environmental sheet. Products have achieved the standard of similar foreign counterparts with excellent performance and reasonable price, which is the ideal choice for electronic components enterprises to improve packaging grade and reduce packaging costs.

Established in 2002
The company r & D, manufacturing, sales have 96 people
Intelligent production line
Customer satisfaction
Melt spray factory provides engineering solutions for more than 6000 various projects
Take the efficiency of hospitality as the first to actively pursue perfection
United and diligent, honest and grateful, pragmatic dedication, pioneering and innovative, to win customers with good faith, to build a brand, to manage efficiency, to promote development with innovation
Quality pursuit, refined production, our technical strength is beyond doubt
Being united and diligent, pragmatic and innovative, we uphold integrity with gratefulness, winning over customers with honesty, setting up brands with trump card products, earning profits through management and spurring development with innovation.
The company has a special team featured by professionalism, providing first-class services based on years of experience with inherited professional spirit.
Obtaining infinite business opportunities with quality services, creating a brand-new mode of modern manufacturing industry with technological innovation.
Since the foundation, we have solved a series of technical problems with the spirit of “focus, innovation, pragmatism, customer-centered”.
Quality pursuit, refined production, our technical strength is beyond doubt
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